Dutch Caribbean Islands
as you have never
seen them before

A film about the nature of the Caribbean Islands of the 
Kingdom of the Netherlands from the makers of The New Wilderness

A film about the nature of the Caribbean Islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from the makers of The New Wilderness

WOW! A 360º approach

WOW! Is not just a nature film, but a 360º approach. We want to ensure that as many people as possible are amazed and inspired by the beauty and fragility of the unique nature on the islands in many ways.

6 Documentaries

WOW! will not only produce a cinematographic
film. With our inclusive, 360o approach, we will also produce 6 documentaries about the relationship between people and nature. These will be shown on TV and streaming services such as Netflix and/or Amazon.

Education and awareness programs

Together with partners, we will set up educational and awareness programs about the conservation of nature and other related topics such as economic development, spatial development plans, sustainable tourism, and climate change and its effect on the islands. For all age groups and sectors, both on the islands and in the Netherlands.

Talent programs

We want to encourage local talent to join the WOW! movement. To give some examples, we stimulate talented videographers and photographers to collaborate with the project, we are asking local musicians to participate in the creation of the film soundtrack and we encourage artists to be inspired by WOW! In addition, we want to set up
an environment for the support of small sustainable companies on the islands, by including their products in collaboration with WOW! for promotional purposes.


During the first research phase for the project, it became very clear to us how many special stories there are to be told about the islands and its inhabitants. Stories that deserve honest attention. We are going to tell these stories by creating the WOW! podcast. This podcast will be distributed on all major podcast streaming services and of course through our social media channels.

A Scientific database

The first visits to the islands taught us how special and unique the flora and fauna is. We realized
that a lot has not been documented yet. We even discovered, during our short visit, two previously unregistered species on the islands!

Together with knowledge partners such as
The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DNCA), universities and knowledge centers we are setting up a database to register all the data we collect during filming, so that future generations can also benefit from this.