Dutch Caribbean Islands
as you have never
seen them before

A film about the nature of the Caribbean Islands of the 
Kingdom of the Netherlands from the makers of The New Wilderness

A film about the nature of the Caribbean Islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from the makers of The New Wilderness

Official partners

Our Ambassadors

Please meet our WOW! ambassadors! Thank you all so much for supporting us and sharing your knowledge and network.

Eric Mijts

Researcher, Educator and Manager at the University of Aruba

Melanie Meijer zu Schlochtern

Manager Nature Foundation St. Maarten

Natasha Silva

Chief Conservation Officer at Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba

Bryan Horne

Founder and managing director of Dive Curaçao

Nicola Jaeger

Director, editor, photographer, translator and writer at Devocean Pictures

Tineke van Bussel

Research Communication Liaison for the DCNA

Erik Houtepen

Head Consultancy Department at Carmabi

Aissah van Eer

M.Sc. Animal Science, Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture

Tadzio Bervoets

Caribbean Conservation Professional

Marc van der Seijs

Sustainable Mobility and Behavior Advisor

Arno Verhoeven

Executive Director DCNA

Nicole Hoevertsz

Vice President and Member International Olympic Committee

Ruby Pouchet

Community & Content Coordinator at Stinapa Bonaire

Hendrik Wuyts

Director & DoP at Bonaire Vision Films & Photo International

Yoeri Bulk

Director, editor, filmmaker & videographer at Devocean Pictures

Kai Wulf

Parks Manager at Saba Conservation Foundation The Bottom, Saba

Erik Boman

Director of STENAPA

Chris Johnson

Head of the Dutch Representation Office (VNP)

Darelyn Koolman

Former Freeway Employee, current Marriott Marketing Executive & Nature Lover

Virgginia Paragona

Former Freeway Employee

Anne E. Witsenburg

director of Stichting Monumentenfonds

Leslie Hickerson

Manager Nature Foundation St Maarten

Roy Smits

Dive Friends Bonaire Managing Director

Amber Saïda van Veghel

PhD candidate at the University of Aruba, singer-songwriter & nature lover

Arnell Menelik

Director Axum Café Sint Maarten & rapper & musician

About partnership opportunities

This film cannot be made without the cooperation of partners. Are you interested in entering into a partnership with us in the field of knowledge, logistics or financially? Send an email to [email protected]. We would like to thank the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, the Ministry of the Interior in the Netherlands, the Governor of Aruba and the Lieutenant Governors of Bonaire and Saba for their support in making this film a reality.

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