Calling all creative minds and artists!

Join us in a thrilling design competition to breathe life into the enchanting mascots of WOW! The Nature Film, each embodying the unique essence of one of the six stunning islands.  


Unleash your imagination and be part of this exciting journey to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean!”  


Register here before the 1st of June 2024 and let your creativity shine!

Mascots serve as charismatic ambassadors, bridging the gap between audiences and the essence of each featured island in WOW! The Nature Film.  


Through their vibrant personalities and visual representation, mascots engage viewers on an emotional level, fostering connection and deeper appreciation for the natural wonders showcased. They inject charm and relatability into the narrative, making the film’s message of conservation and resilience more accessible and impactful to diverse audiences worldwide. 


We’re introducing Coco the Shoko (Aruba), Rosi the Flamingo (Bonaire), Didi the Deer (Curaçao), Pepe the Pelican (Sint Maarten), Tuti the Turtle (Saba) and Iggi the Iguana (Statia), these charismatic mascots are on a mission to captivate hearts worldwide, sharing tales of our rich culture and diverse ecosystems. 


Now, it’s your turn to shine! Join us in bringing the WOW-ies to life through our exciting 3D design competition, where sustainability meets creativity. Imagine sculpting the iconic Shoko in sustainable materials, standing proud at 30cm tall, and becoming part of a legacy that inspires generations. Ready to leave your mark on Aruba’s cultural landscape?  


Register now here and let your artistic journey begin!